Home remedies for cleaning your headlights.

If you’ve noticed that your headlights have been going dim, reading this article may help you out.

Maybe instead of replacing them, all they need is a good polish. Here is a few home-remedies that you could use to get rid of that yellow discoloration on your headlights. You might just be surprised at what you have around the house that could do the trick.

1. TOOTHPASTE: An easy one that you might have heard of, quite simple. Toothpaste has some chemical properties that works great for scrubbing away the grime on your headlights. A dab of toothpaste and a cloth is all you need.

2. INSECT REPELLENT: Another one that’s easy to get your hands on and has some chemical properties that will do the job. Though you should be careful, as the chemicals in bug repellent can be corrosive to paint. So it’s important that the cloth that you use, you strictly only use for cleaning your headlights.

3. BAKING SODA: The only extra things you will need is warm water with a sponge. Mix five tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl, with enough warm water to form a paste. The baking soda acts as a buffing agent, clearing up your yellowed headlights and soaking up the oxides. No need using an extreme amount of pressure as the baking soda does most of the hard work. (For this one you will also need to be careful for the paint around your car)

A few extra worthy mentions are;

· Vinegar

· Salt and dish soap

· Denatured alcohol

· .. and even your normal dish soap on its own will be able to do the trick.

Your headlights are essential for your driving safety. May it be late night drives, rainy days or misty afternoons, its important. And at some point or another your headlights are doomed to dim and fog themselves up. So if you want to buy a paste or if you’d like to give these household remedies a try. It’s important to keep your headlights clear and working.

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