5 Cheap and easy DIY air fresheners

Your car can often get a little stuffy, whether it’s from spilling something or leaving your windows open in the summer and rain gets in, it’s bound to happen at some point.

Here are a few easy and effective ways to sort the problem out yourself:

1. Felt and essential oils:

Here is what you’ll need; • Your own choosing of essential oils (example, lavender or peppermint) • Felt (any felt will work.) • Scissors • Hole punch • Yarn, string or a ribbon

Cut the felt into any size you’d like and punch a hole at the top for the string/yarn to go through. You can then place drops of your essential oils on the peace of felt. Recommended around 10 drops for a strong pleasant aroma. Last step, put the yarn through the whole in a loop and hang it in your car.

Here are two other various ways that you can use this method;

1) (adding a cotton ball) Cut 2 identical pieces of felt, sowing them together, leaving a small hole in the middle to place a cotton ball in, and then closing up the felt. When you drip your essential oils onto the felt, it will soak through to the cotton ball. 2) (adding adhesive craft foam) Cut your design out twice, one out of the felt and the other out of the craft foam. Then peel the paper backing off of the craft foam and stick them together.

2. Felt and herbs:

For this one you will need exactly all the things you used in the previous Air Freshener, except for the essential oils, instead you are going to need some fresh Herbs.

Using the same method as creating the hole for the cotton ball, though rather than using the cotton ball, place the herbs inside of the felt and close it up. To refresh, you only have to crumple and crush the freshener a little bit, releasing the scent again.

3. Clothes pin/peg:

This one is by far the simplest method and requires just about no effort.

All you need is a clothes pin and once again your essential oils. Drip some of the essential oil onto the pin and peg it onto your air vent in your car.

If you want to do a little more effort, here is a twist:

Drip the essential oils onto the pin and then store it in a plastic bag, along with some fresh herbs, and seal the bag. Store it in the bag until you are ready to use them.

4. The Jar:

Here is something you can either place in a cup holder or put it somewhere out of sight. What you will need:

• A Jar of your preferred size • A small piece of cardboard. (or a lid with already made holes in it) • A small nail • Baking soda • Essential oils of your choice

In the case that you don’t have a lid that has already made holes in them (like a salt shaker lid) you can simply use the lid of your jar to trace a size on your piece of cardboard. Then make some holes in the cardboard with your small nail. And securing it with the metal ring.

Fill your jar half way with the baking soda, and drip your essential oils onto the baking soda (at least 20 drops) cover the jar and shake well for the essential oils to mix through the baking soda. Close the jar with the cardboard or holed and place the jar wherever you prefer in your vehicle.

5. Clay Disc:

Easy to find at your local craft or pottery stores. Just drop about 10 drops of, once again, your preferred essential oils and allow it to absorb into the disc.

And there you go, 5 cheap and easy ways to help make your car smell fresh again.

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